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How to create page for guest bloggers

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Guest blogging has benefits for the guest author but also for publisher. For you as the publisher the benefits that you got one more post on your blog that you didn’t have to write. A blog that will set the guest to your website is likely to set up and on his blog so that will increase the audience of your blog. By accepting guest blog you create friendly relations with the guest blogger.
But despite the benefits that you can have the guest blogger can often be at risk to be linked to the spam sites (i.e. porn, insurance company etc.) or back links. Also you cannot be satisfied with the quality of a blog or blog is not connected with the topics that you are writing. Of course you can reject the blog but it does not look good and you unnecessarily waste your time. In my opinion it is better to ask the guest blogger to send you a topic that interested you write a blog or some suggestions and ideas for your blog. There are many ways to make a form on your website where your guest bloggers can contact you. In this blog we will create google form. The form we are going to create you can see on my site here.
Let’s create first google form. That is not complex software, that’s Google.
1. Open the page google forms and click the button Go to Google Forms.
2. On the page Google Forms click on the empty form with sign +.

google forms


3. On the new form click on Untitled form and name the form of your choice. I have called my form Share Station. Remove simple question. Click on Untitled Question and then click on Trash.

edit form
4. Write a short Form description that indicate what kind of contribution can be accepted.
5. Click plus to add new question. From the drop down list choose Short answer.
6. Click on Untitled Question 
and write the first question – Your name. Make this question required.
7. Repeat the steps 5 and 6 and make second question – Your email.
8. In the third question ask the guest blogger – What Are You Sanding Us? From the drop down list choose Multiple choice. Make this question required.
9. Add new question, from the drop down list choose Paragraph to allow Long answer text and write – Describe Your Content (if you’d like).


10. Click on the button Send.
11. In the window that opens select the embedded HTML. Click Copy to copy the form to clipboard.

embedded form


12. Now you should put the form on your page. Go to Dashboard of your website, open new page, name it Contribution and in the text tab of the page paste the form. Publish the page and view in the browser. Come back to your dashboard and change the form height from 500px to 1300px not to have scroll on the form.

13. Come back to the Google Forms to make the style of your form. Click on color palette and choose the picture icon. Choose from the offered templates or Upload photos.

form style


14. When you finish with styling your form click on responses in your form, to create spreadsheet. In the window Responses choose green plus, select Create a new spreadsheet and click Create.



15. In the opened spreadsheet change Timestamp to Date Sent. Highlight all columns and change their width.
16. You need to make one thing more – notification. You will got mail when someone make contribution.Go to Tools menu and click on Notification rules.



17. In the window Set notification rules for Notify me at… choose A user submit a form, for Notify me with… choose Email – right away, click Save and Done.

Your form is ready to use.

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