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The program is designed to simplify the process of saving and sharing the things that happen on your computer screen.
The first time you run the application you will need to register, but registration does not require email confirmation.Once up and running, you’ll have access to Jing’s nice user interface. Jing works with a sun-shaped icon with three spires. The left one lets you capture anything on your screen, the middle icon showing you your capture history and the third icon pulls up options. Clicking “capture” will allow you to dragging a rectangle around the part of the screen that you want to capture. Then it’s a simple to select whether you want an image or a video.
If you select image, you’ll get a preview of the image you’re about to create. Before you save the image, you can edit the image in Jing adding arrows, text box, box and box highlights to draw further attention to the area you want to highlight. That makes Jing great for tech support or working remotely. After editing your image you have four options what to do with the image. You can share the image via Jing’s website, save it to a PNG file, copy it to the clipboard, or drop the image capture. The Jing website has good free area to store your image captures. When you select this option an URL is automatically copied to the clipbaord that you can email or share that URL anywhere. The other options are self-explanatory.

If you chose video button you can record whatever happens on your screen for up to five minutes. The resulting video can be saved in SWF format (a Flash format), or stored on Screencast.com. Sharing the link to the stored version pulls up a new window with a Flash video on it. This video can be watched on this screen, but you can’t embed the video itself anywhere else. Plus, there’s a five-second ad at the end for Jing.
With the Jing Pro version, you can save your video in .mp4 and upload it directly to YouTube. Jing Pro also removes the ads from both the screenshots and video. But for most users the basic free version is enough to save a TON of time.

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